• 8th February 2020
    Making a horizontal scrollbar with JQuery
  • 4th February 2020
    Some pointers for better SEO with Rails
  • 17th February 2019
    An overlay seems like it would be something difficult to achieve however, it is actually relatively simple and it can be done with just CSS.
  • 14th February 2019
    Flexbox is a very powerful tool and it is one that can be used to create layouts as well as responsive navigation bars.
  • 10th February 2019
    One of the key components on my site is the responsive navigation bar. Initially, I had attempted to create this using floats however, I quickly realised that this was not an effective way of constructing this element.
  • 29th January 2019
    Websites need to look good across a multitude of screens and therefore it is essential that a site is responsive so that a user's experience is not affected by their choice of screen size.
  • 11th December 2018
    A problem which faces many young people is the path they choose to take after leaving school.